Aluminum Profile for Greenhouses, Awnings, Mosquito Screens and More

Huixin Aluminum is a leading exporter of quality profiles for a variety of applications. Whether you need aluminum profiles for awnings, greenhouses, curtain walls, heat sinks or anything else, we have you covered.

Window and Door Profiles

Window and Door profiles can be used in a large number of residential, commercial and industrial applications. These include door and window frames, sliding door sills, and window stiffeners. The window and door profiles are made from material that does not wrap or rust, and hence can be used in outdoor settings as well as indoors. Due to the low thermal conductivity, this aluminum profile for mosquito screens, doors and windows is sustainable and resistant to weather changes.

Aluminum Tile Trim

Perfect finish to any room. This aluminum profile can be used for adding the finish and a decorative value to tiles, both on the floor or on the walls. Tiles trim can be used for cover base trim (the wall-floor interface), for bullnose trim which too are used in place where the wall meets the floor, but are of slightly different shape than the cover base trim. Chain rail trim is used in the middle of the tiles for decorative purposes. Quarter-round trim is especially used at corners.

LED Tube Profiles

Aluminum LED Tube Profiles can be apply to different LED Tube light and LED Wall washer and so on. These can be used with recessed lights or with surface mounted to provide regular general purpose lighting within the house. These can also be used as angle lights to provide aesthetic lighting. Profiles for LED can also be used for outdoor lighting by mounting on pavements, parking lots, sidewalks and bike lanes.

Heat Sinks Profiles

Heat sinks can be apply to LED bulbs, LED spot light, LED street light, LED high bay light, and industrial cooling and products cooling. Both these applications save space and maximize the benefits of heat sinks. Another application is with counter-sink mounting area surface, which allows for the most effective utilization of the heat sink.

Aluminum Curtain Wall Profiles

Largely used in commercial buildings but these can also be applied to residential places. These are used for their airtight and weather resistant cladding properties. More specifically, they are even used for proofing against rain leakage, heat loss, and for control of condensation. Stick built system curtain wall is an exterior wall system that is hung outside the structure and covers floor to floor area. Another application is when it is used as a panel in the form of a unitized curtain wall system.

Kitchen and Curtain Rail Profiles

Come in the form of straight as well as curved rails so that the curtains can be slid around the corners for greater privacy.  Kitchen and curtain rail profiles can be used for decorative purpose or for simple utility use as required. Also available in shapes – classic rod which is applied with wall brackets; returning rod, which is a u-shaped rod and is effective for blocking out lights. Other types include track rods, that use small pulleys or wheels internally to glide curtains across them, thus adding elegance to the room.