Kitchen & Curtain Rail Profiles

Aluminum Profiles for Kitchen Cabinets and Curtain Rails

quote_120pxdWe manufacture an array of kitchen and curtain rails to complement your curtains.  Our products are available in a variety of sizes and widths and with finials that that are assured to add to the atmosphere of your rooms.  We believe that in providing new and sturdy designs to meet our customers. requirements.

Why choose aluminum?

Aluminum is a fantastic material to use as a profile for your kitchen, curtains and other areas of the home. The material has an estimated outdoor lifetime of 12-15 years if anodized or 18-20 years if powder coated. It’s also lightweight, more affordable than stainless steel and comes with a wide variety of excellent surface treatments and finishes. Options include mill-finished, polishing and brushing, wooden grain, powder coating and anodization. Our standard packaging includes pearly cotton dividers between each piece and shrink PE film for each bundle, but additional packaging methods are available including protective film, out packing and individual plastic bags.

Kitchen G Handle Aluminum Profile

The innovative G handle design allows you to design kitchen cabinets that are both stylish and functional. The profile itself acts as the handle and removes the need for any exterior fixtures. This achieves a clean and crisp look to any kitchen with the aesthetic of all surfaces lying flush with one another. On top of that, the G handle offers all the practical benefits of an aluminum profile including high strength and durability.

We are dedicating to exporting nothing but the best quality aluminum profiles for kitchen cabinets, curtain rails and other applications, so you can have full confidence knowing you are dealing with the experts.

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