Features & advantages of different products series.


Aluminum Window and Door Profiles

There are a diverse range of high quality windows and doors to meet your residential and office needs.  The products consist of both outdoor and indoor high value and high utility designs. The windows and doors are high performing and durable and available at completely affordable pricing for you.



Aluminum Curtain Wall Profiles

The Aluminum curtain wall profile includes highly consistent and reliable designs. These curtain walls are both protective and decorative, giving you the twin benefit of décor and ease.  The preassembled units are easy to install and come in attractive finish at affordable rates.

 LED Tube Profiles

There are elegant and sophisticated designs for Aluminum profiles for LED light combine aesthetics and utility. These profiles are customized in different lengths and textures, and are assured to lend an excellent and unique aura to your rooms. They are useful for LED strips as well as for masonry light beams.


Aluminum Tile Trim

The state-of-the-art Aluminum Tile Trim are available at competitive pricing. These tile-trim products boast of stylish and trendy designs for all your skirting needs. They are made of high quality non-toxic material and are competitively priced. Being made of near-pure aluminum materials and developed under high quality control processes, Aluminum Tile Trim are the best solutions for a perfect room design.

Heat Sink Profiles

There are a wide variety of heat sinks profiles that are standardized and can be customized to meet the needs of our customers. The heat sinks are tested for long term performance and ensured to operate with efficiency. The company develops customized products based on the area of application of the heat sink, and hence is able to deliver high quality and low costs.

Kitchen and Curtain Rail Profiles

An array of kitchen and curtain rails are available to complement your curtains.  Our kitchen and rail profiles are available in a variety of sizes and widths and with finials that that are assured to add to the atmosphere of your rooms.  We believe that in providing new and sturdy designs to meet our customers.